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Company History

The Peter Paul Candy Manufacturing was established in 1919 in New Haven, Conn. USA. The company was founded by Peter Paul Halajian and five Armenian associates who joined together to expand Halajian’s home-made chocolate business and open a small shop. The product was made at night when air was coolest and sold fresh, door-to-door the following day. The first product was called “Konabar”, a blend of coconut, fruits, nuts and chocolate. In 1920, the Mounds candy bar, sweetened coconut enrobed in dark chocolate, was introduced.

The company moved to a larger factory in Naugatuck in 1922 to keep with the growing demand for its products. During World War II, Peter Paul was faced with severe shortages of sugar and coconut, which had been shipped from the Philippines before war broke out. Rather than sacrifice quality, the company discontinued some of its lesser selling brands and concentrated production on the Mounds candy bar.

Over the years Peter Paul Inc. added several products to its line including Almond Joy candy bar and York peppermint pattie.

Peter Paul Philippine Corp. Foundation

On June 29, 1946, a couple of days before the Philippines gained independence from the American rule, and 48 years after freedom from Spanish domination, Peter Paul Philippine Corporation was established in Barrio Pahinga, Candelaria, Quezon Province, making the company one of the corporate forerunners of a then young nation. The plant which was built in 46 days was founded for the purpose of manufacturing desiccated coconut to supply its then parent company, Peter Paul Inc. of Naugatuck, Connecticut, USA, makers of the famous Mounds and Almond Joy chocolate bars. High quality manufacturing standards were established to ensure the reliability and consistent quality of its desiccated coconut supply to the American parent corporation.

Built in the heartland of sprawling coconut plantation in Luzon, which provide the continuous supply of fresh premium coconuts year round, the 13-hectare property is located about 100 kilometers south of the city of Manila.

The property includes managers’ residences, a hospital, and recreational facilities for its employees. In 1962, majority interest in the company was sold to the Filipino group, which has since maintained management control. The company has established production facilities to produce other coconut products, such as coconut milk and cream, coconut water, virgin coconut oil, coconut flour/fiber, copra, copra cake, coconut oil, paring cake, paring oil, and other residual products, thus consolidating its strengths in the creation of an integrated coconut processing plant.
Peter Paul Quezon Province Plant
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Peter Paul Sorsogon Plant
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